Scavenger Hunt

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April Clue #2 - The community enjoys live music here at some of Cochrane’s largest events. Named after a former town councillor who spent years enhancing the arts and culture in Cochrane — dubbing him "Mr. Cochrane" by a former mayor. Walking paths, sports [...]
April Clue #3 - Plant, read, learn, grow. From young to old, a story for everyone can be found here - borrow one or many. The newest additions keep things buzzing in our prairie ecosystem - pollinator plants, insect water dish, hummingbird feeder. You [...]
April Clue #4 - A project created by a dedicated group of seniors. A way to quiet the   mind, calm anxieties, recover balance in life, enhance creativity and encourage meditation, insight, self-reflection, and stress reduction. Find tranquility between the community’s recreation destination and the [...]
Scavenger Hunt Location #2 clues... The bear necessities. Pull up a seat, you'll find this work of art is pretty wild. Shoppers, strollers, business owners, and tourists alike love the craftsmanship of this design, and that it provides a spot to rest while they appreciate the [...]
Scavenger Hunt Location #3 clues... Think outside the corral. Home, home on the range! Envelop yourself in Cochrane's western culture with this historically illuminating mural. You can find it welcoming you to Alberta's first large-scale livestock operation, and depicting the riveting story of those who played [...]
Scavenger Hunt Location #4 clues... A place to hang your hat Originally organized in 1980, this non-profit spotlights farmers and ranchers of the Cochrane area. Stop by to say “Howdy, partner!” and see their own special “brand” of western memorabilia brought to life by Scott Grattidge. [...]
May Clue #1 - A place to gather for a bonfire with friends. Kids enjoy playing on the wooden play structures. Maybe even try your hand at a game of disc golf at the nearby course.  Stumped? Follow @explorecochraneab on Instagram for an additional video [...]
May Clue #2 - Located within one of Cochrane’s largest parks, you can dip your toes in the fresh waters. Stocked for the summer, you may even be able to get a bite! Stumped? Follow @explorecochraneab on Instagram for an additional video clue on each Tuesday [...]
May Clue #3 -  Make a splash! This area is a hit for the kids and those young at heart hoping to cool off under the summer sun. Stumped? Follow @explorecochraneab on Instagram for an additional video clue on each Tuesday of the month (Clue [...]
May Clue #4 - Found within one of Cochrane’s newer communities, stroll around the loop as you admire the mountain view. Enjoy a picnic under a small pergola structure while listening to the sounds of the water feature, or let the kids play on the [...]