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Coulee Outdoor has the world's most diverse line up of smokeless fire pits. The Founder's Line is beautifully handcrafted and made right here in Alberta. Coulee connection Coulee Outdoor was founded in the Canadian Coulees with a purpose to create sustainable products that connect people together. [...]
244c River Ave, Cochrane, AB, Canada, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada T4C 2C1
details at We like meat. We smoke it. We BBQ it. We grill it. Meat is like a high-five for your mouth. Smoked ribs, juicy burgers, fire-grilled steaks. If it ain’t meat, you’re doing it wrong and doing it wrong doesn’t taste very good [...]
116 Grande Blvd, Cochrane, AB, Canada, Cochrane Alberta, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada T4V 2A7
Phone: 403 907 0166