Tourism Product Mentorship Program

From idea to market: A step-by-step guide to adding a new tourism-based revenue stream to your existing business.

You’re great at your core offerings in your business, and now it’s time to branch out. Whether you are already primarily a tourism-based business, or you just want to expand your market, Cochrane Tourism is here to help. 

Having multiple revenue streams in your business is not only smart, it’s REQUIRED. If there’s one thing we all learned from recurring shutdowns during the pandemic, businesses need options.

We’re here to support you in dreaming your big dream and making it happen! When your business grows, you help make Cochrane a better place, and a more desirable destination for our visitor economy to thrive. 

  • Maybe you have an idea you’ve had on your wishlist for a while
  • Or, perhaps you can’t find the right partner to collaborate with
  • Maybe you don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a new product
  • Or you’re just not sure how to market your business and make sales


TMP – the roadmap, guidance, support and accountability you need to turn your idea into a reality!

Plus, we’ll help you get it off the ground and market it through our CTA channels.

In 2021 and 22, we supported 14 businesses in bringing  new offerings to market.

    • An interpretive rafting trip down the Bow River in Cochrane
    • A girls’ day pamper package
    • Booze- A lution Tour
    • Stockemen’s Memorial Western Branding Experience
    • Alberta weekend getaways at The Crossing at Ghost Riverr
    • Cochrane Food Fest
    • Route 22 Art Gallery events

Here’s what our past participants have said:

“The program opened my mind to learning new ways to bring business into a new area of success”

“Great experience, great learning. The Tourism Product Mentorship Program provided excellent guidance and resources for us to develop new tourism products and bring them to market.”

“I really appreciated the quality of the information as well as the way it was delivered. Even with a pandemic they made sure that we were well looked after and engaged. There is something in there for everyone. If you are looking to really drill down on who your target audience is, or your brand or even with managing new products this is a great program. It helped me to develop new products and relationships with other businesses.”

“Without this program I wouldn’t have been able to get this festival off the ground as easily. The program taught me how to put together a proper pitch deck to go to after sponsors about joining the festival. It gave me the confidence to pull it off – that’s for sure!”

“My favorite part of this program was the hands-on learning of marketing techniques and the practical, step by step plan to launch a new product that can be utilized over and over again.”

“The program provided valuable resources to help us market our individual offerings while at the same time provided a platform to network with other local business leaders.”

Program Details

This is a high-touch, small-group, accelerator program that walks you through the steps needed to create and launch a new tourism product.

The program walks you through these three key phases:

Dream – develop your idea for a viable tourism product or experience

  • Get clear on your brand and audience so that you can develop the right offer
  • Connect with potential partners to collaborate
  • Research your market to find out what they want

Plan – Iron out all the details and create your roadmap for success

  • Let’s talk logistics – what needs to happen (and by when) to get your idea to market
  • How to price your offer
  • Learn the marketing strategies and tools you can use to get traction

Launch – Put your new offer into the world!

  • Create your launch plan and supporting marketing materials and systems
  • Build out the operations plan for delivering your offer
  • Develop your 90-day marketing strategy to keep the momentum going

PLUS – you’ll be paired with your own coach for monthly 1-1 sessions to create your custom roadmap and keep you on track.

Commitment and timing

Cost: $500

The program kicks-off December, 2022 and training wraps up March 2023

January –  March : weekly group sessions with some additional self-study and homework

April /May: Implementation , includes a strategy session with your coach to map out your action plan

May: Launch event

*Schedule subject to change

Approximate time commitment: 40-60 hours over six months

Eligibility and Application

This program is available to Cochrane Tourism Marketing Partners only.

  • To become a Marketing Partner, click here.
  • Applications coming soon.
  • A maximum of 10 businesses will be selected to join the program following an interview process.

Who is this for?

  • You’re a Cochrane Tourism Marketing Partner with a Cochrane business license
  • You’ve been in business for a minimum of two years
  • You’re generating consistent revenue
  • You’re the decision maker in your business
  • You have big ideas and are ready to put in the work
  • You’re coachable and willing to learn what you need in order to make things happen
  • You believe in the power of collaboration over competition
  • You are already in the tourism industry, or see how you could be (past participants have included retail, restaurants, art groups, accommodation, adventure tours and museums)


  • The program will kick off the in December
  • Sessions will run weekly for  January – Dream; February – Plan;  March – Launch 
  • April/May – When you complete the sessions, coaching will continue, marketing and content for your new product will be created
  • Assistance with Pilot for your new product launch
  • Featured Campaigns to assist with new product launch

Program value over $5000.00

There will be a mix of both, as long as it is safe and permitted to meet in person.

Tourism Marketing Partners that pay the annual membership fee have access to the program for $500. An invoice will be issued following successful acceptance into the program. No deposit is required to apply.

The end goal is to provide you with the tools and process to develop and launch a new revenue stream for your business. This includes training and facilitated sessions focusing on:

  • Branding
  • Understanding your clientele so you can market to them better
  • Market research
  • Securing partners/collaborations
  • Marketing (social media, email marketing, online presence, and more)
  • Pricing
  • Logistics and development
  • Launch strategy

This is a highly interactive and customized program where you will get access to a personal coach, training, materials, resources and group sessions. This provides you with the tools and accountability needed to be successful in growing your business.

Plus – when your product is ready to launch, we’ll help you spread the word through our online channels, including our website, social media platforms and highly-engaged email list.